Small Spaces can feel like big spaces

Are you working with a small space? Worry not! My tips and tricks of working with a less-than-mansion-sized-home will have your space feeling roomy and spacious in no time.

1. Wrap the wall color onto the ceiling
Visually minimizing the separation from wall to ceiling creates the illusion of more space, but not just any colour will do! A slightly lighter tint will help with the contrast.

2. Highlight a gorgeous view
If you have a stunning view, why not treat it like a portrait and frame it with rich colour? Black or charcoal grey are quite popular and this helps to create a focal point in your home.

3. Create the illusion of depth
It’s a common misconception that dark colours will make a home feel smaller, the truth is, an accent wall can create the illusion of depth, in small doses. Also incorporate large mirrors on the wall to enhance the feeling of depth, but you knew that already, didn’t you?

4. Keep it light and bright
Base your colors on your space, if there is low lighting available to you, opt for clean, light hues such as pastels and those with less grey tones that will reflect more light.

5. Incorporate clear furniture, such as chairs where you can.
In a small space, it’s important to maintain sight lines where possible, clear chairs are ever so trendy and also help to maximize the feel of the space.

6. Utilize desk and other furniture that have mirrors
Creating the illusion of depth can transcend to your furniture too! Trendy and gorgeous mirrored furniture are functional too.

As always, I can help give you ideas to make the most of your space, get in touch with me today to learn more!