Secrets of the real estate agent - Meghan Bowie

Not too long ago, The Vancouver Sun did a special on Vancouver Realtors, called ‘Secrets of the real estate agents’, interviewing Realtors and asking them about their experiences on the job.I thought it would be a good intro to answer the same questions about my experiences as a Realtor, so that you can get to know me a bit better.Read on so you can learn a little more about me!

Why did you become an agent?
My dad has been a huge influence on my decision to become a Realtor. Growing up, many discussions around the dining room table were real estate focused.  On many occasions on the way home from brunch or dinner my dad would drive me, my sister and brothers through all the different neighborhoods in the city and talk about the houses that he loved. I had no choice but to take note! This grew into a genuine passion and love for Vancouver real estate.  

Do you remember your first sale?  My first sale was this little house on 41st and just east of Blenheim. At the time it was the most affordable house on the Westside (< $900,000) and likely the most complicated property.  There were building lines on the property and the house was definitely not in livable condition.  I met the nicest lady that wanted to build a new home for her and her kids in the Dunbar area. After numerous trips to the city hall building and engineering department, followed by intense negotiations, we made a deal and my client is the proud new owner of a piece of land in Dunbar.  She is currently building her dream home and I couldn’t be happier for her and her family. All the agents in my office told me that it doesn’t get more complicated than that property so it was a perfect one to get thrown into.  
Do you have a listing that still haunts you?  
The short answer is no, but every listing has its challenges!  Buying and selling a home is a complicated and often emotional process. Being able to bend and flex to competing priorities and emotions is vitally important in this industry. 
People may get the idea your job is somewhat easy. Is it?No, it’s a lot more work than people perceive.  There is a lot of paperwork and many hours of research that go into the purchase and sale of each home. It’s not all as simple as just driving around and picking out a new home.  Buying or selling a home can be a roller coaster of emotions, for my clients, and for me as well! You get to go through that emotion with them and at the end whether they are buying or selling, everyone feels that rush of excitement. I love being a part of that.  

What are your most important skills for the job?  I am a great listener and I really focus on what my clients want. I am dedicated to making my clients happy and making the buying and selling process as smooth and flawless as possible. Leave all the work to me and just enjoy the experience.  
What do you love or hate about the job? I love working with and meeting new people. A lot of agents don’t really like going out on tour with clients but I think that is the most fun part of the job. You get to meet new people and I feel blessed to have met so many wonderful people in this city.  What do I hate about the job? Since we are on the topic of tours, I hate being late to appointments. When you are on a tour it is so hard to stay on schedule. Many appointments are booked back-to-back and you never know about parking, so generally, you are late to appointments. That’s something that I (a person that is usually very early for everything) am having trouble adjusting to. Luckily it happens to everyone so all of the agents expect you to be running a little behind.  
What is your dream listing?
I would love to sell the house in Shaugnessy that my mom and her seven siblings grew up in. I’ve heard so many great stories about the house. I think it would be so neat to be able to spend some time in it.  
What would be your dream property, anywhere in the world?
Chip Wilson’s (founder/owner of Lululemon) new house on Point Grey road, it looks pretty nice to me!  I love this city, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.